Silica Gel


The bigger sizes Mesh 1-2 Mesh 3-4Mesh and 5-8 Mesh are used as silica gel Breathers in transformers and it is an important component of any transformer to remove dust particles and keep moisture out of the Breather.

Types of breather Body

  • Clear View Breather
    Made of Polycarbonate body which enables us to know the color-changing process of Blue Silica gel inside, after absorption to change with new silica gel inside, type with Aluminum & ABS die-cast top & bottom caps with Transparent Acrylic or Polycarbonate tube body Silica Gel container of different diameter & height depends upon the Silica Gel filling capacity. Available in different end connections of Thread & flange type as per client’s specification and requirement.
  • Aluminum Body Breather
    It has an aluminum body with a window to show the Oil level inside, it is fitted with Aluminum Die-Cast top & bottom caps with aluminum body Silica gel container of different diameter & height depending upon the Silica Gel filling capacity. Available in different end connections Thread & flange type as per client’s specification and requirements.


  • Oil cooled transformers.
  • Lubricants Protection.
  • Diesel tank.
  • Diesel fuel storage tanks.
  • Petrol tank.
  • Agriculture equipment.
  • Stationary and mobile hydraulic systems.
  • Hydraulic Power Packs.
  • Turbines.
  • Gearboxes.
  • Feed pumps.
  • Switch gears.
  • Bearing Protection.

Silica gel Breather work Process
Silica gel Breather is in Dark Blue color which is in Crystal or Beads form used in the transparent type Polycarbonate/Acrylic Breathers to indicate the absorption of moisture through the change in the color from Blue to Pink in (Crystals) and from Blue to White in (Beads). This grade of Silica Gel is called as “indicating grade” of Silica Gel.
Usually indicating a grade of Silica Gel, which is filled in the breather, is Dark blue crystals, which has cobalt content in it which absorbs moisture intimating the saturation degree by changing color from Dark Blue to Pink.

Below are the Indication stages of silica gel as per absorption

First Stage: – Dark Blue color Initially.
Second Stage: – Light Pink after absorption up to 20% of its weight
Last Stage: – completely saturated with moisture. (Absorbed water for about 35 – 40% of its weight).

In the above process Silica gel Crystals 6-8MM and 4-6MM size are used, sometimes instead of Silica gel Dark Blue crystals silica gel Blue Beads are also used size of 1-2mm of 2-4mm sized beads. However cobalt is used for the Indication of silica gel Blue, we also offer Silica gel Orange which has no cobalt content inside and can be used as an indication from Orange to Light Green on absorption.

Periodic dehumidification of Silica Gel crystals & removal of dust particles from breathed air is necessary. The silica gel can be regenerated through heating it up at 150ํC for about 2 hours or until the color becomes Blue again.

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