Silica Gel

Silica Gel Indicating includes Silica gel Orange Beads

The Indicating form of Silica gel is in different colors which provide a visual indication after the change in color to know that moisture has been absorbed and Silica gel needs to be changed on that note.

Silica Gel Indicating includes Silica gel Orange Beads (Color changes to Light Green), Silica gel Blue Crystals and Beads (Color changes to Light Pink and white respectively) with their wide range of applications where visual inspection becomes vitally important so as to remind using an active form of Silica gel again.

Silica gel Orange is used in breathers which are the most Eco-Friendly Indicating Silica gel as it does not contain Cobalt in it, they can also be used in the Pouch form for an indication from Orange to Light Green color.
Some applications apply for Silica gel Blue in Breather and Pouches which includes Cobalt content in its composition which is been restricted by few companies and Countries in the world.

Changing color implies the time taken to absorb moisture and due to which it becomes easy to exchange the treatment with a new lot of Silica gel with the existing one.

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